Raising your Net profit the EZ way!

The bottom line is net profit. You raise your prices as much as allowable, you cut your costs where you can, but your costs always seem to catch up to you.

Tesch`s Flowerland had the highest net profit they’ve had since being in business in 1971. Tesch`s have 40,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses, a garden center, floral and gift shop and landscape lot. They attribute their success to mechanization and organization.
Plugs or cells were filled by a crew before the seeding crew started. The EZ Seeder was a great benefit doing plugs and direct seeding, singles, doubles or clusters. They’re doing more direct seeding every year. Changing plates takes seconds.
Dibble Boards give uniform depth and accuracy of plant placement.  The Germination Chamber, a completely controlled environment gives better and more uniform germination.
Most bedding plants are up in 3 days or less allowing the chamber to be filled twice in a week, 96 flats each time. Seed cost is down and you’re not all over the greenhouse watching germination. A Plug Popper that eases the seedlings out so they are not damaged.

With automation, our business doesn’t control us, we control it” states Les Tesch.

  • Seed E-Z Seeder boasts of the happy customers that have their equipment. They will be happy to supply names.

  • Seed E-Z Seeder has a CD available (email: tesch@sezsdr.com). Please include name, address to ship to. It also explains the benefits of all the equipment.

They are presently dealing internationally with many countries (see map). Tesch`s Flowerland and Seed E-Z Seeder are both family owned by the Tesch`s, very compatible because “a grower knows his needs.”