Plates Available

#4   #7   #12   #16
Alyssum (3-4 or single)   Ageratum   Bird of Paradise   Aconitum
Alfalfa   Azalea   Four O’Clock   Arboricolia
Anthemis   Campanula   Neathebella Palm(Best on   Armeria
Arabis (Snowcap)   Chervil   50 Hole Protray)   Beets (500 max)

Chives & celery

  Nephytis   Bells of Ireland
Asters   Eragrostis Curvula(2-3)   Podocarpus   Brassica
Balsam Fir   Eucalyptus   Pumpkins   Broccoli
Begonia (pelleted)   Foxglove       Brussel Sprouts
Bellis   Holy Basil   Squash   Cabbage
Campanula   Lettuce       Calendula
Carnations   Mint   #2   Cauliflower
Celosia   Moss Rose (Portulaca)   Chinese Lantern   Centaurea “Montana”
Chives(3-4)   Nicotiana   Dianthus (Gaiety)   Cilantro
Columbine   Oregano   Scabiosa   Cissus
Corn Salad   Pampas Grass   Watermelon   Cleome
Dianthus   Petunia   (Lg. seed 1 per hole)   Collards
Dill   Pieris   (Sm. seed 2 per hole)   Coreopsis
Dill (fernleaf)   Romaine       Cosmos
Ground Cherry   Sedum (Dbls & Trpls)   #13   Cucumbers (Single)
Hemlock   St. Johns Wort       Cyclamen
Impatiens   Summer Savory   Chrysanthemum Max   Dahlia (15%)
Iris (BiColor)   Tobacco   Dahlia   Delphinium
Lambs Lettuce   Thyme   Dianthus Barbatus   Dimorphotheca
Lobelia (pelleted)   Veronica   Gloriosa Daisy “Monarch”   Dracena (Spikes)
Mache       Gypsophila   Eggplant
Mizuna   #9   Hollyhocks(Athea Rosea)   Forget-Me-Not
Pansy   Amaranthus   Hollyhocks(Chater’s Dbl)   Geranium
Panicum Virgatum(2-3)   Anise   Impatiens   Gerbera
Peppers   Basil & Bok Choy   Rudbeckia Hipta   Gomphrena
Petunia’s (pelleted)   Candytuft (Fairy Mix)   Salpiglossus “Emperor”   Hypoestes
Phlox   Caraway   Shasta Daisy “Alaska”   Kale
Pineapple Guava   Chinese Cabbage   Sweet William   Kochia
Pinus Caribaea   Dianthus   Viola   Kohlrabi
Pinus Gregii   Iberia   Zoysia Grass   Leek
Pyrethrum   Parsley       Lilac
Tatzoi   Pinus Chiapensis       Linaria
Tobacco (pelleted)   Society Garlic       Lisianthus (pelleted)
Tomatoes (Small)   Sweet Fennel       Mache (pelleted)
Verbena           Milk Thistle
Viola   #10   #1   Oeno Thera(Missourieris)
#3   Bachelors Button   Alyssum(pelleted)   Ornamental Pepper
Agapanthus(30% dbls)   (Polka Dot Mix)   Aralia   Passion Flower
Arabis (Spring Charm)   Browallia   Austrian Pine   Peppers
Armeria (10%)   Heliopsis “Summer Sun”   Black Knight Larkspur   Pickles
Black Hills Spruce   Rosemary   Cantalope (Single)   Primula
Black Spruce   Shasta “Silver Princess”   Colorado Blue Spruce   Radish
Blue Fescue (10% Dbls)   Statice   Delphinium Pac Giant   Ranunculus
Basil sngl or(2 to 4)       Honeydew (Single)   Rudbeckia (Puppurea)
Cerasturm (Biebersteini)   #5   Larkspur “Imperial”   Sage
Coleus   African Iris   Lettuce (pelleted)   Salvia
Dusty Miller   Balsam   Momi Fir   Scabiosa
Fountain Grass   Cukes(2-3 per hole)   Mugho Pine   Schefflera
Gaillardia   Melons   Norway Spruce   Solanum
Godetia   Meyeri Fern   Onion (pelleted)   Stocks
Norway Spruce   Morning Glory   Pinus Michoacana   Spinach (Dbls)
Onion   Okra   Pinus Oaxacana   Tomatoes(5-10%)
Peppers (small)   Sprengerii   Red Yucca(50% Dbls)   Tree Tomatoes
Poppy   Squash   Swiss Chard   Watermelon (Single)
Potatoes   Sweet Pea   Tomatoes (pelleted)   White Spruce
Primula   Sweet Corn(128 max)   Watermelon (Single)   Vinca
Primula-Obconia       White Pine   Zinnia(15%)
Snaps   Squash(2-3)    Sunflower    Sunflower
Statice (Dumosa)            
Strawflowers   #15        
Sweet Marjoram (Dbls)   Gloxinia        
Thyme   Lisianthus        
Wallflower (20% Dbls)   Lobelia(cluster)        
White Spruce   Sedum-Reflexum        
#11   #20        
Beans (50 per tray max)   Arabidopsis    
Plate Size: 11-12-5   1-16-9-10-4-13-3   7-15-20 smallest
* % of doubles. Any variance in % is because of different size seed.    

MARIGOLDS – #3 (small) and #13 (large) ideal for direct seeding.  Most growers are ordering double drilled because of less than 100% germination.  For seeding in plugs you can get by on #4 and   #3.

If you use all pelleted seed you will want #4   and #16 (possibly #5 depending on coating size).

Micro Greens
         #4 up to 4,000 per plate        #16 up to 1,000 per plate
               Arugula                                  Cilantro   
               Mizuna                                   Radish
               Tatzoi                              #16  Beets  512 max
Send us your samples for testing.

All plates are numbered with the seeds listed that fit on that plate.  Any listed more than once is because of seed variance.  There are no misses unless tapped excessively.  You can achieve some doubles if you wish by not tapping the plate (as with the alyssum).  There is a vacuum adjustment on the underside of the seeder that will allow you to singulate or cluster seed on the same plate.  All seeds listed are raw seeds unless stated as pelleted.  Varieties not listed most likely have not been tested.  Numbers 16, 7 and 4 will do the largest variety for most growers; annuals or perennials.

DIBBLE BOARDS available for plugs or cells when seeds need to be covered.